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We accompany you around the world: Combination of international market development and sales outsourcing.

Sales outsourcing


SELLGATE Southeastern Europe

Compared against Central Europe the states in South East Europe are characterized by above-average growth. In addition, there exists a good ratio between salaries and qualitiy of work and the closeness to central Europe results in logistic advantages.

Besides the new EU member states, the Western Balkans region is organized within the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA). Serbia as the largest state plays a major role, especially as it is the only European state equipped with a free trade agreement with Russia.

SELLGATE Middle East

The states of the Middle East offer great potential for business. The oil revenues of the OAPEC states enable the import of foreign capital goods and services. In addition, consumer demand is high.

In the future, business opportunities will arise due to structural changes within the national economies based on declining oil production. Dubai is the central turntable for successful business in the Middle East and adjacent regions.

SELLGATE Asia Pacific

As a worldwide growth centre Asia-Pacific belongs to the mostly diversified regions. All states belonging to the region have different languages, currencies and regulations. This is the reason why we use local contacts in the most important markets for our on-site customer approach.

Singapore is generally one of the most liberal and most open economies for German enterprises. Tariffs towards many countries are non-existent, which is why Singapore is the gateway to larger East Asian markets.


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Decreasing margins in the home market and rising competitive pressure turn the spotlight onto new markets. An extension of the operating area lowers the risk of negative turnover effects due to economic and life cycle problems. Profit from our market specialisation, our systematic management approach to an international market development and all sales activities of the entire SELLGATE Group.

When entering a foreign market, besides the market selection the form of the market opening is of the utmost strategic importance. Most enterprises internationalise step by step which means learning from their foreign markets to gradually establish them­selves on site. Most often exports mark the starting point, followed by the setting up of an own local sales company or operational subsidiary. The transition from one stage of the internationalisation to the next is a significant change to the organisation and its processes. Working with SELLGATE means you get around this learning process as you profit form our existing expertise of the local market and the structures behind it. SELLGATE assists you in all stages of your internationalisation and guarantees your systematic sales activities abroad.

One man’s sale is another man’s purchase: Due to our global presence and our networks we are also able to assist you professionally in international procurement projects.