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Personal Selling is our daily life: Business customers telephony and linked-up sales processes on a high industrial scale and of high quality.



Personal Selling is concept and motto at the same time: personality in sales business. We incorporate an active way of addressing both new and existing customers by telephone and representatives’ visits. Through these methods we attract companies and private individuals to your solution and accompany them on their way to decision making. We find out potential customers’ needs and open the door to a personal sales dialogue. Our efficient way of working results in performance-oriented sales activities and guarantees happy customers.

On top of its successful direct selling SELLGATE Personal Selling developed a unique system of processes generating a high volume of appointments for our representatives. Our system leads to appointments with the customer:

  • being ready to enter into dialogue,
  • knowing what the subject of the dialogue is,
  • being the right person for the product
  • being open to your offer.

Above all, through our system of processes we achieve an attendance rate of up to 90 percent which is unusual especially in private customer acquisition and which is one of the most important motors in the sales value chain. To generate such a high-quality appointment and establish the first trust in the customer the telephone process takes around 10 working days until the representative’s appointment.

SELLGATE Personal Selling takes on projects from 100 appointments per month up to 1,000 appointments and more. We guarantee a continuously high quality. Our processes control themselves by individual steps and interfaces and enable immediate countermeasures.

We offer linked-up proccess for any sales area on a high industrial scale and of high quality. We regard ourselves as a sales agency with the working capacities of a call center and a professional team of representatives. Together with you we develop customized processes for your sales tasks.

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