SELLGATE Sales Outsourcing





Reason 1: Everything for the sales business

SELLGATE is an enterprise group committed to sales business with heart and soul. Organic growth and the affiliation with strong partners led to an organisation which analyses and improves existing sales organisations and procures executives as well as interim managers. SELLGATE also runs its own call centers and works with an existing team of representatives who arrange appointments and sell products.

Reason 2: Planning security

Following a target group analysis and an address synchronization we approach our contacts via all channels requested. We process 1,000 leads, 100 of these signalise their interest, 10 of these are actual customers – it doesn’t take long to know how the market situation really is. Turnover and logistics can be planned by multiplying the leads. With regard to the costs, you have a high planning security at hand because we work with agreed fees which are mostly variable.

Reason 3: Flexibility and savings

Here’s to save your money: „Hiring“ measurable sales services for a limited period means no extra non-wage labor costs, no costs for vacation or sick days, no overhead costs or material expenses, no office rent, no extra costs for recruitment or further training, no costs for car leasing or sales meetings. The outsourced sales professionals are available at short time notice, ready to work in any field from mere telephone acquisition to a fully outsourced sales business. Your total cost accounting will benefit from flexible costs and savings up to 30 percent.

Reason 4: Speed

You have worked for months on the further development of a product. Suddenly your main competitor launches a similar product. It will take you at least 4 months to set up a sales offensive yourself. A market share decrease would be the inevitable result. With our help you are ready to take off within 14 days, including the first mailings sent out already. A time advantage worth its weight in gold.

More good reasons to work with SELLGATE!