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We perfect your sales: sourcing and development
of top sales people, analysis and optimization of your organization.

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The coaching we offer is personalised to each individual. The lessons cover the executives’ real working situation. Profit from our competence in coaching and make sure that your executives can grow perfectly in the sense of a modern, strategic personell management. Our coaches work in a highly professional way, i. e. following the concept of strategic business coaching of the Coaching Academy CIP gGmbH (Munich) on the base of scientifically proven findings with highly effective interventions. Our coaches adhere to strict ethical principles.


Sales benchmarking & consulting

In a competitive environment, where do I position my sales force with regard to costs and efficiency? Which mechanisms can be manipulated to improve my results? From our point of view, the best answer to these questions is a system of key figures with measurement parameters depending on each other and a peak index which taking all other key figures into account. We constructed a sales benchmarking which the University St. Gallen, Switzerland, refined. This benchmarking reveals potential cost reduction and increase in sales turnover. Parallel to your index report you thus gain a reference model reflecting all values and dependences. This simplifies the search for the right mechanism to manipulate. We gladly help you implement consequent measures. Our sales consultants are glad to offer further proposals for your sales optimisation and to conduct potential appraisals with your sales team.




Our E-Commerce experts have been in the business since the mid 90's. They gained their experience in the largest European E-Commerce projects. The business of online direct sales with all its methods of online marketing belongs to the most promising and efficient methods of new customer acquisition and should therefore be part of every company's sales mix.

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SELLGATE Sales Consulting GmbH is a joint participation of the personell consultancy service TGMC and the SELLGATE sales experts. The personell consultancy TGMC has been on the market since 1994. TGMC successfully integrated numerous specialists and executives into organisations.

Direct search and preselection of top sales people

Due to its cooperation with TGMC SELLGATE Sales Consulting GmbH possesses an extensive contact base. Existing contacts are used in every personell procurement and complemented with professional research. SELLGATE brings in its knowledge gained from various sales projects. This method of working together with the best of both partners results in a personell procurement which is to the point and fast.


Supply and management of interim sales staff

We complete the capacities needed for entering new markets or in times of fast growth. We supply you with extra capacities when you are looking for variable costs or better qualified sales staff within your company. This results in exploiting additional sources of potential turnover, more flexibility and faster reaction times.

High-quality assessments for executives and potential appraisals for sales teams

The sales department is the key to a company’s success. It is essentially built on its executives. Therefore the selec­tion of staff and ongoing appraisals should be made according to comprehensive, comparable and above all sales-relevant aspects. With the help of assessment centers strengths and challenges of a candidate can be valuated and the proof of skills for future tasks predicted.

With our potential appraisals for sales teams you gain a holistic view of your sales potentials and team structures within your company. The effectiveness and the efficiency of the entire team is the most important factor of success in sales.